Thursday, January 7, 2016

January Social Skills Lesson: Reporting Bullying

Bullying: Reporting
This month we will be teaching students about the importance of reporting. They will learn all of the different ways to report bullying if they are being bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. We want to make sure that students know how serious bullying is and what you should do if you see it happening.

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Grades 1-3
In first-third grade, students will be going over "What to do if you are being bullied".
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They will also be having discussions and role playing scenarios on what to do if you are being bullied or if you see bullying happening. 

Students will become familiar with the acronym TAG.
T ell them to stop
A sk them to stop
G et an adult



Grades 4 and 5
Forth and fifth graders will also be going over "What to do if you are being bullied". They will be learning about the BUSTER Bystander Skills. These skills will teach them about the different ways to report bullying. 

Students will also go over the bullying circle. They will become aware of all of the steps that occur when bullying takes place. 

Students will be role playing bullying scenarios and practice what they can do to help. They will also watch a a video.

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