Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Social Skills Lesson: Perception

February Social Skills Lesson
Do you see a frog or a horse?

This month we are going into the classroom to discuss perception and perspective taking. We will talk about how students may perceive situations differently. We will be reading a story, discussing examples, and showing images during our lesson. 

We will be showing the students different images to help show how people might view something differently. 

For Example: Some of you may see a duck in this picture but others may see a rabbit. 
                              Is it a 6 or a 9?

Two faces or a vase?                    

We will be reading the story Hey, Little Ant
The story is about a boy and an ant. The boy wants to squish the ant but the ant convinces him not to squish him. It is a great lesson to teach character education and fostering tolerance and respect for diversity in children of all ages. 

After reading the story, we will be discussing the kid's perspective and the ant's perspective. 

Then we will give the students the opportunity to explain what they would do if they were the kid and the ant. 

We will end our lesson discussing some examples during the school day in which students might perceive certain situations differently. 

A woman's face or a saxophone player?