Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Social Skills Lesson: Friendship

November Social Skills Lesson

Our focus this month was on the importance of being a good friend. We taught each classroom "How to be a good friend" and "How to lose a friend". We talked mostly about the characteristics and qualities of a good friend. 

Making Friends is an Art 
by: Julia Cook

This is a story about a brown pencil who has a tough time making friends. He doesn't like himself because he thinks he isn't exactly a favorite color. He gets really jealous of the other colors because they are all responsible for something and they get used way more than he does. Brown is especially jealous of red because she gets used so much that she is stubby from being sharpened so much. 
Brown learns that he needs to be a good friend to have good friends. He also learns the importance of being your own best friend. 

The Key to Being a Good Friend

We created a set of keys to represent each student and their ideas of the important qualities of a good friend. Each student designed their own key to be put on their classroom key ring. The set of keys will be available to students for the year so that they can revisit them any time they choose or in case they need reminders.

Recipe for a Good Friend

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